The delivery of dry fruits and nuts
from Uzbekistan

The quality dry fruits and nuts
from Uzbekistan at wholesale

Why our company is chosen:

Поставляем  продукцию из кедра с 2009

Provide products from Uzbekistan

Высокое качество продукции и низкие цены

High quality products and real prices

Доставка по России и странам СНГ

Delivery to Europe and CIS countries

Перерабатываем 3000 тонн продукции в год

Accept individual orders

Снабжаем продукцие 145 торговых точек

The packing according to client wish

Товар всегда в наличии

The shortest period of product preparation


The "UZDRYFRUIT" company specialize on preparing and making dry fruits, vegetables and nuts. We are ready to supply Europe and CIS countries.

You can receive goods in Uzbekistan, or we can also deliver your goods to any destination you need.

The products is packing in pp bags, we can also provide another packing according to customer wish for a 1kg.

We are in contact with our clients, all over the globe 24 ours, in order you can find out all necessary information within shortest time.

“Negiz Invest” Ltd is the owner of brand
Adress: Uzbekistan, Tashkent 100171, Yashnobod tumani, Besharik, 15
All rights reserved


"UZDRYFRUIT" reliable supplier of dried fruits

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